Sweet Corn XTH20173 F1

Sweet Corn XTH20173 F1

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XTH20173 sweet corn is a strong growing, augmented, supersweet bicolor that has superb eating quality, good sweetness, a tender pericarp and resistance to the new strains of rust. Its 7-1/4 to 8" ears have great eye-appeal and are set at 23" on sturdy and clean 6' plants. The easy to snap ears have a dark green husk package that offers excellent tip cover and ample dark green flag leaves. XTH20173's ears have good kernel color contrast, and are filled well to the tip with 14-18 rows of shiny bicolor kernels. Resistant to the new rust strains (Rp1-GDJ) and intermediate resistance to Stewart's Bacterial Wilt. Isolation required.