Lisianthus Rosanne 3 Brown Seed Seeds

Lisianthus Rosanne 3 Brown Seed

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Seed / Untreated Pelleted / 250 Seeds 4 or more $25.20

Featuring double uniquely antique colored, large 2-3" rose-shaped flower heads. Group 3. The popularity of the Lisianthus flower, continues to grow and grow. Consumers love the 'Rose Without Thorns' with its elegant double and fringed flower types. Choose between three popular series, suitable for winter sowing and early spring to summer harvest. Each of these series brings you excellent vase life with thick petals that reduce botrytis issues and hold well for your customers. Whether growing from seeds or plugs, visit for lisianthus culture and production tutorials.

Color: Light brown to mauve

GROWING LISIANTHUS FROM SEED IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR NOVICE SEED STARTERS. Although lisianthus may not be difficult to germinate (7-14 days), they are difficult to grow on to transplant for two reasons:
Time: Expect to maintain the plants for 8-10 weeks before transplanting. Letting them dry out or over watering just once can cause issues, so plan accordingly.
Temperatures: To avoid rosetting and poor blooming, keep cool temperatures at night 55-59°F and days between 72-80°F until transplant. This generally can not be maintained on a light stand.

Order plugs to save from the stress of growing Lisianthus.
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