Spicy Pepper Gift Set

Spicy Pepper Gift Set

1 Each - ON SALE - SAVE 11%
Kick your gift giving up a notch with our new Spicy Pepper Gift Set, perfect for hot sauce connoisseurs and pepper enthusiasts on your list!

This sizzling gift set includes:
Hot Pepper Seed Collection
Our five most popular hot peppers that are great for any hot pepper connoisseur. This collection includes seeds of Hot Portugal, Hungarian Wax, Large Red Cherry Hot, Jalapeno M and Habanero peppers.

Pepper Corer Set
Great for preparing peppers for stuffing or even hot sauce, our pepper coring duo includes a small and large size corer for bell peppers, jalapeños and more. These genius tools make this once difficult, messy and wasteful task simple and fast!

Hot Sauce - Cook Book
If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen! From mild to blistering, renowned author Jennifer Trainer Thompson offers 32 recipes for making your own signature hot sauces, as well as 60 recipes that use homemade or commercial hot sauces in everything from barbeque and Buffalo wings to bouillabaisse and black bean soup.

Gift Set Savings: $3.70