2021 Harris Seeds Plug & Liner Price Lists (FREE)

2021 price lists from our plug & liner grower specialists are available separate from the Ornamental Growers Catalog.

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2021 Plug & Liner Program

Harris Seeds partners with many of the country’s leading plug and liner grower specialists to provide you the best quality young plants. Plugs and liners are grown to order, and you can choose from thousands of varieties of annuals and perennials for bedding plant, container and cut flower sales. A number of different tray and cell sizes will allow you to choose the item and stage of maturity that best suits your growing practices and your market. Order from Harris Seeds, and your trays will be shipped directly from the supplier to you. Growers use plugs and liners to transplant into packs, pots, hanging baskets, mixed containers or directly in the field. With plugs and liners, growers can reduce energy and labor costs and increase their variety selection.

Enjoy 90 Day Terms for Plug and Liner Orders! - Order your plugs and liners, pick a convenient ship date, and pay for your order up to 90 days after the ship date! To apply for the Harris Seeds Net 90 Program for Plugs & Liners, simply download a credit application.

To Order:
Download or request the pricelist(s), create your order and scan, e-mail, FAX (877-892-9197) or mail your completed orders to us, along with your billing information OR call us at (800) 544-7938 with your order.

2021 Harris Seeds Plug & Liner Price Lists (FREE)

Plug & Liner Price List
Four Star Four Star - 900150051900 DOWNLOAD
Gro 'n Sell Gro 'n Sell - 900150053900 DOWNLOAD
Mast Young Mast Young - 900150055900 DOWNLOAD
Pleasant View Pleasant View - 900150052900 DOWNLOAD
Raker-Roberta's Raker-Roberta's - 900150050900 DOWNLOAD