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Grower Resources & Planting Guides

Vegetable Guides
Bedding Plant Cultural Guide (Vegetables & Herbs)
Cornell Integrated Crop & Pest Guidelines for Vegetables
Post Harvest Handling of Vegetable Crops
Potato Planting Instructions
Pumpkin Cultural Guide
Solanaceae Technical Bulletin
Sweet Corn Genetics
Sweet Corn Growing Guide
Sweet Corn Seminar
Tomato Grafting Guide
Tomatoes & Late Blight - Key Steps To Managing
Vegetable Cultural Guide
Vegetable Disease Fact Sheets
Vegetable Plant Planting Guide
Vegetable Seed Planting Guide

Vegetable Quick Reference Charts
Bean Chart
Broccoli/Brussels Sprouts/Cabbage/Cauliflower Chart
Corn Chart
Cucumber Chart
Lettuce Chart
Melon Chart
Pepper Chart
Pepper (Hot) Scoville Rating Chart
Pumpkin Chart
Squash (Summer) Chart
Squash (Winter) Chart
Tomato Chart

Vegetable Signs For Your Roadside Stand or Market
Bravo Cabbage
Raider Cucumber
Regal Pickle
Classic Eggplant
Superstar Melon
Gordo Pepper
Revolution Pepper
Sorcerer Pumpkin
Multipik Summer Squash
Zucchini Elite Summer Squash
Carnival Winter Squash
Harris’s Betternut Winter Squash
Jet Star Tomato
Pony Express Tomato
Red Defender Tomato
Scarlet Red Tomato

Flower Guides
Bedding Plant Cultural Guide (Complete)
Bedding Plant Cultural Guide (Annuals)
Bedding Plant Cultural Guide (Perennials)
Cut Flower Growing Guide
Cut Flower Guide for Beginning Growers
Gladiolus Culture
Impatiens Downy Mildew Substitution Chart
Petunia Wave Medleys™
Wildflower Planting & Cultural Information

Flower Quick Reference Charts
Aster Chart
Cut Flower Chart
Foliage Chart
Geranium (from seed) Chart
Geranium (from cuttings) Chart
Impatiens Chart
Marigold Chart
Pansy Chart
Perennial Chart
Petunia Chart
Rudbeckia Chart
Salvia Chart
Snapdgragon Chart
Sunflower Chart
Zinnia Chart

Growing Supply Guides
Drip Irrigation Brochure

Fruit Guides
Fruit Production Cultural Guide

General Growing Guides & Articles
Glossary of Descriptive Terms
How To Be Successful Using High Tunnels
High Tunnel Considerations
Number of Plants or Seeds Required Per Acre at Various Spacings
Seed Starting Seminar
Tips for New Flower Growers
USDA Hardiness Zone Map

YouTube Video Tutorials
How To Start Flower & Vegetable Seeds Indoors
How To Use a Dial Hand Seeder
How To Use a Vibro Hand Seeder
How To Use a Hand Vacuum Seeder
How To Make Worm Power Compost Tea
The Worm Power Story


The Harris Seeds company began catalog operation in 1879. It evolved from the efforts of Joseph Harris who was extremely successful in the selection of superior strains of vegetables and grains. The company became wildly popular because of his basic business philosophy - "Offer my customers a quality product at a fair price and they will return."



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