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Photo of 16 Tray T-8 Combo Light Stand, Seed Starting Supplies

Light Stand 16 Tray T-8 Combo



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Save $112.65! This money-saving light stand kit saves energy too!
Start seeds under the correct conditions, even as you conserve energy! This 16 tray light stand combo includes everything needed (except planting medium and seeds) to start a large quantity of plants for your garden, landscape, or farm. You'll receive heat mats and shelves for two of the four tiers of this light stand. Start your seeds on two tiers, and use the other two for expansion at transplanting time. Light Stand Combo includes: 16 Tray, 4 Tier Light Stand with energy-efficient T-8 tubes, two of our Large Light Stand Heat Mats (22" W x 50" L), Two of our Precise Thermostats, two egg crate type Heat Mat Shelves, and a Light Timer.

Light stand is constructed of heavy 1-1/4" round aluminum stock with a bright natural finish and features fully adjustable tiers, each able to hold 4 tan, waterproof 22" x 11" x 2-3/4" deep Permanest plant trays (included). The white, low profile aluminum light fixtures (48" long x 19" wide x 2" deep) each include four, 4' length, 32 watt fluorescent tubes. Tubes are placed 5-1/2" apart in the fixture, to provide uniform light across the surface of each flat. Each fixture is separately wired with a 36" 16/3 grounded power cord, rotary on/off switch, and a 3-wire grounded receptacle. Each of the three fixtures easily adjusts up and down with the turn of two thumb screws. Overall dimensions: 74" high, 53" long, 23" deep. Includes four heavy duty casters.

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