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Gourd Seeds

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Growing Tips: Gourds add a decorative touch to fall. The wide range of colors, shapes and textures make them fun to grow and display. Most gourds can be grown in a small space, with vines trailing up a trellis or wire fence. This method also prevents the fruit from becoming misshapen, which might happen if left to trail on the ground. All gourd varieties are warm weather crops, requiring well-drained fertile soil. Plastic mulch can be used to raise soil temperature, conserve moisture and control weeds.

Like pumpkins, gourds require proper field spacing and pollinators to produce big yields. Space most gourds 18-24” apart in the row with 8-10’ between rows. Compact vine types like Daisy Gourd, Galaxy of Stars, Koshare Yellow Banded and Spoon Platoon can be sown with 6’ between rows. Sufficient honeybee populations in the area are key to good pollination but the larger hardshell Lageneria types are also pollinated by moths during the evening hours. If possible, plant these types on the darkest areas of your farm so that any artificial light will not distract this important pollinator.

Fresh Market Grower Tips:
Gourds come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Small fruited types tend to be very colorful and come in an array of shapes, textures and color patterns. These types tend to be soft-shelled and will eventually start to lose their color and breakdown. To preserve them for better keeping, dip them in wax or shellac to help preserve their color longer. When harvested, the larger fruited gourds will have a mottle green coloring. The color will quickly fade as they dry down. The larger gourds are great for selling to crafters. Or, try selling some painted or dressed up in costumes to increase your fall sales.

Average Seed Count:
Small Gourds – 50 per packet; 10,800/Lb.
Medium Gourds - 50 per packet; 6,850/Lb.
Large Gourds – 50 per packet; 2,800/Lb.

Untreated and Organic varieties are identified with or .
Further information on seed type is provided on each variety page.

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