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Cantaloupe/Muskmelon Varieties

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Our wide selection of cantaloupe and muskmelon varieties include Eastern type melons for the home gardener or fresh market grower. These melon varieties include many traditional melon varieties as well as new and recent introductions.

What's the difference between a cantaloupe and muskmelon? Cantaloupes is a type of muskmelon, but not all muskmelons are cantaloupes! The two melon types differ in flavor and appearance. Cantaloupes have a netting-like skin with slight ribbing, while muskmelons tend to have smoother, deep-ribbed skin. With some exceptions, muskmelons are more popularly grown on the East coast, and cantaloupes are more common on the west coast.

Studies show cantaloupe gives us a natural energy boost and has been shown to improve metabolism, vision, and digestion. Muskmelon has been shown to aid blood pressure and vision.

Untreated and Organic varieties are identified with
or . Further information on seed type is provided on each variety page.

Photo of Aphrodite Melon, Muskmelon
Melon Aphrodite F1

Photo of Athena FarMore Melon, Muskmelon
Melon Athena F1 FarMore®

Melon Accolade F1
Melon Accolade F1

Melon Afterglow F1
Melon Afterglow F1

Photo of Melon Ambrosia F1, Muskmelon
Melon Ambrosia F1

Photo of Melon Ambrosia F1 Untreated, Muskmelon
Melon Ambrosia F1 Untreated

Melon Astound F1
Melon Astound F1

Photo of Atlantis F1 Melons, Powdery Mildew Resistant Melon
Melon Atlantis F1

Photo of Cleopatra Specialty Melons, Melon
Melon Cleopatra F1

Melon Divergent F1 Organic
Melon Divergent F1 Organic

Photo of Melon Goddess F1, Muskmelon
Melon Goddess F1

Photo of Melon Goddess F1 Untreated, Muskmelon
Melon Goddess F1 Untreated

Photo of Melon Gold Star F1, Muskmelon
Melon Gold Star F1

Photo of Gold Star Muskmelon Grow Using Untreated Seeds, Melons
Melon Gold Star F1 Untreated

Photo of Melon Maverick F1, Muskmelon
Melon Maverick F1

Photo of Minerva Melon, Muskmelon
Melon Minerva F1

Melon Pride Of Wisconsin Organic
Melon Pride Of Wisconsin Organic

Photo of Melon Rockstar F1, Muskmelon
Melon Rockstar F1

Photo of Rockstar F1 Melon Grown Using Untreated Seeds, Muskmelon
Melon Rockstar F1 Untreated

Photo of Solstice Melon, Muskmelon
Melon Solstice F1

Photo of Melon Superstar F1, Muskmelon
Melon Superstar F1


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