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Harris Seeds

About Harris Seeds

The Harris Seeds company began catalog operation in 1879. It evolved from the efforts of Joseph Harris, an English immigrant who was extremely successful in the selection of superior strains of vegetables and grains.

Joseph Harris settled in the Genesee Valley Region of Western New York in the 1850’s. His success as a seedsman led to the beginning of Harris Seeds in 1879. The company became widely popular because of his basic business philosophy – "offer my customers a quality product at a fair price and they will return."

Harris Seeds was managed by a succession of Harris family members for 100 years. Joe Harris, the last of the company managers, was chiefly responsible for an introduction of a wide selection of exceptional quality vegetable hybrids.

Many of these hybrids remain as leading cultivars in the professional and home garden marketplace. Excellence in plant breeding was a key factor for the company’s success during this century.

With no Harris family members to continue with the business, Joe Harris sold the company to a large corporation in 1979. It finally found its way back into private ownership in 1987 and continues today under the guidance of long time Harris employees.

Harris Seeds

Remaining in Rochester, New York since 1879, Harris Seeds markets vegetable and flower seeds as well as plants and growing supplies to gardeners and professional growers throughout the USA. Harris Seeds conducts extensive vegetable and flower variety trials in Rochester as well as many other areas of the Northeast. A germination lab inside its Rochester facility ensures that the seeds it sells are of the highest quality.

Members of the Harris Seeds staff travel throughout the United States, selecting the finest of the new varieties of vegetables and flowers for sale to its customers.

Five professional sales representatives call on professional growers in the East and Midwest. In addition, Harris Seeds works with local schools in cooperation with horticultural education.

Harris Seeds is an active member of the American Seed Trade Association, the National Garden Bureau and the Mail-order Gardening Association.

Our agenda for our customers remains much as it was in 1879, to provide the finest products available and at a fair price, coupled with friendly and courteous service.


  • "Thanks for the seed quality, guaranteed germination rate, and for offering treated seed. I'm pleased that I ordered from Harris Seeds. You've won a loyal customer. I'll be ordering seeds from Harris as long as I garden!" - Elizabeth W., NY

  • "I've been using the 12 tray/3 tier lightsand, for 10+ years and love it. Seed starting keeps me busy during the long Midwestern winter and, I enjoy the fruits of my labor. I recommend your light stands to everyone." - Kathy

  • "I wanted to let you know that every single seed (of which there are always extras in the packets!) produced a plant. Also, yesterday I transplanted petunia seedlings... 12 days from planting to pot! Wow!" - John (NY)

  • "Just received the row cover... wasn't expecting it so soon! Exceptional service, good price, and product looks great! Thanks for speedy shipping, will order again and recommend them to fellow gardeners." - Jackie

  • "Kudos to you all. Over the last 10 years I've ordered from a variety of companies and now you are my go-to site. I love the service, quality and everything about the company." - Rachelle W. (CO)

  • "I ordered 100 seeds of Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry and within 2 weeks of planting them now have 98 seedlings growing in peat pots!" - John

  • "I like the prompt service I received from Harris and will definitely order again. The catalog was impressive, and every turnip seed I planted germinated!" - Brenda C.

  • "I purchased some corn seed from Harris earlier in the year and it's growing great! Keep up the good work." - Donald M.

  • "These were the best seeds I purchased in a long time. The best germination and very good yields. Thanks for a great year!" - Steven, NY

  • "My Kuroda carrots are amazing. The pellets were so simple to plant and no thinning! The amount of sweet juice is fantastic! I'll plant these carrots again next year. Such great seed innovation!" - Peter (NH)

  • "Thank you for the fast shipping and expeditious handling of my order. You've gained a customer." - Jim J.

  • " I have a small area to grow, but wanted to thank Harris Seed for everything and let the world know what a great company it is." - Sandy (TX)

  • "Bought a light stand this year. The results speak for themselves. Planted 10 Scarlet Red tomatoes and 10 more a week later. The first batch are 4-5" high with thick, healthy stalks, and the second is now 3" high. Wow!" - Donald

  • "It's a pleasure to deal with people so prompt, courteous, and well-coordinated. I've been a Harris customer now, off and on, for 75 years." - Walter

  • "Mark Greene is the best! I had the pleasure of speaking with him these past 2 or 3 years! I tell all of my friends about Harris! I've ordered from least a dozen different companies, but Harris Seeds is the BEST! Keep up the good work!" - Tom

  • "I purchased Mirai sweet corn (301 BC) from Harris Seeds this past spring. It was quite possibly the best I ever had." - Larry, PA

  • "I kept putting off blanching and freezing until today and it's as sweet as the day I harvested. Going to plant another batch this weekend. I've grown skeptical about seed claims, but Harris was on the money with this variety. Thanks." - Harold, CA

  • "I received my order in a matter of days. The service is excellent. Harris Seeds has products that I cannot find anywhere else." - Mary Anne

  • "I've been gardening for 20+ years. While looking at all the garden catalogs, I came across Harris Seeds. The prices were great. A week into the planting season and all my seeds from Harris are growing above and beyond. I don't have to transplant my thin rows. My garden's never been this good!" - Steven (NH)

  • "The greenhouse that I purchased from Harris Seed was just perfect. Good quality and very fast service." - Sue

  • "I am real pleased with Harris' Regal cucumbers. I think every seed germinated and no disease problem whatsoever. I have 19 quarts of dill pickles and am giving neighbors slicers. I'll definitely get these again. Thanks."
    - Charles

  • "Harris Seeds rocks! My first order, I scoured the magazine like a college kid prepping for finals! I got my order together, placed the order online, and it was easy and fun! Two nights later I realized I never checked the ship time. Panicked, I called the next day and was instantly put at ease! Not only did she tell me shipping is 24-48 hours, she also enjoyed talking about gardening! I loved talking with her. And the best part: my seeds were delivered that same day! " - Cecilia (NY)

  • "The wonderful Pony Express tomatoes I grew this year are the largest and meatiest roma type tomato I've ever seen. We made sauce yesterday and it was deliciously thick. After last year's blight I swore I'd only use Harris , and ordered both the Pony Express and some Morton's Hybrid. They both greatly surpassed expectations!" - Barbara

  • "This was the most hassle-free order I've ever done. I love your quick order form. Your site is great!" - Bob

  • "I don't usually comment on seeds, but I have to tell you I think Montauk corn is the best I've ever grown in all my 50 years of gardening. I've convinced my family too. It has the best flavor. The husk covers it well so birds don't destroy it and I have not had to worry about it falling over in wind. Love it!" - Cathy

  • "Harris Seeds has the best selection of sweet corn varieties. I know, for I've tried many other places. I'm staying with Harris because they meet my needs. The variety selection is good and the taste is superior. This is why I grow sweet corn: the taste!" - Doug

  • "I was very satisfied with all the seeds I ordered. I had an extra good yield. The Candy onions were big and firm and stored well, the Pony Express tomatoes were excellent tasty, firm, and good yield... the plant itself was a healthy bright green. The Cimmaron lettuce was also very good!" - Norm (MI)

  • "It's nice to do business with a company that cares and goes the extra mile." - Arlene (MN)

  • "I wanted to express my appreciation for Harris Seed' great seeds & service. I've purchased seeds from Harris Seed over the years and have had great success with all purchases and received my orders very quickly. Keep up the good work!" - Mike (WV)

  • "I started using Harris Seeds for the great prices, and I'm staying for the wonderful service and support... the garden and wave petunias turned out GREAT! I won't use anyone else!" - Dean

  • "I want to let you know that my father was purchasing seed from Harris before I was born (I'm 56). We continue to purchase 98% of our seed from you. In these difficult times, one can't take a chance when it comes to the quality of seed one uses. My family and I thank you." - Charlie

  • "Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with your Regal cucumbers. I think every seed germinated and no disease problem whatsoever. I have 19 quarts of dill pickles and am giving neighbors slicers. I'll definitely get these again. Thanks."
    - Charles

  • "I've never had anything but outstanding service and products. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and the catalog is one of my favorites. I thank you for unwavering excellence." - Matthew (NY)

  • "Thank you for the great service and knowledge. Anyone I meet who wants to start gardening will receive your web address... my friends and clients will receive a tomato plant I started from Harris!" - Niki (IN)

  • "I placed my first order last week. My order arrived promptly and customer service promptly answered all my questions. It was the personal call and emails that has put Harris on top. It's the next best thing to the farmer at my local garden shop that provides one on one service." - Ernie

To submit a testimonial, or to just tell us how we're doing, e-mail us at: gardeners@harrisseeds.com. We'd love to hear from you!


Harris Seeds began operation in 1879 from the efforts of Joseph Harris, who was successful in selecting only the highest quality vegetables and grains. The company gained popularity because of his basic business philosophy: "Offer customers a quality product at a fair price and they will return." READ MORE



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