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Grow Any of the Popular Wave Petunias from Harris Seeds!

Petunias for
Hanging Baskets

  • Wave, Easy Wave & Shock Wave      varieties
  • Vigorous spreading plants loaded      with flowers
  • Low maintenance
  • Creates fast growing hanging      baskets
  • Free flowering

Petunias for
Gardens and Landscapes

  • Wave, Easy Wave & Tidal Wave      varieties
  • Annual ground cover
  • Fills in gardens quickly
  • Highly weather tolerant
  • Low maintenance
  • Free flowering

Petunias for

  • Easy Wave, Shock Wave varieties
  • Great for single or mixed      containers
  • Free flowering
  • Fill containers quickly with vibrant     color


Spreading petunias soon became the buzz in the industry after their introduction a little over 10 years ago. It all began with Purple Wave, with many more spreading types to follow. They rapidly fill in large areas, covering the plants in a multitude of showy color, yet are so low on maintenance, they are perfect for our busy lifestyles!

Wave petunia varieties are great in gardens where they are very low growing plants that will spread 3 to 4 feet per plant, making them a great annual ground cover. Purple Wave is the hallmark of the Wave series, producing masses of iridescent purple flowers.

Easy Wave petunia varieties are more mounded in appearance, but are still very vigorous. Excellent for annual gardens and hanging baskets, these beauties fill out quickly with vibrant color.

Tidal Wave petunia varieties is an aggressive grower where masses of 2" blooms cover the vigorous growing plants, forming almost a ‘shrublike’ shape that holds its shape all summer long. The popular Tidal Wave Silver is an All America Selections award winning variety.

Shock Wave petunia varieties are the newest venture in spreading petunias from seed. Tiny flowers cover the tightly branched plants in a canopy of color, making the habit more contained than other spreading petunia types, and therefore perfect for hanging baskets and containers.

Many of our Wave petunia seed selections are available in money-saving collections! Try our Wave Petunia Super-Saver Seed Collection which brings you the best of the Wave and Easy Wave varieties. Looking for petunias for containers? Then be sure to look at our Shock Wave Collection. Or if the Tidal Waves intrigue you, then save money with our Tidal Wave Collection!


The Harris Seeds company began catalog operation in 1879. It evolved from the efforts of Joseph Harris who was extremely successful in the selection of superior strains of vegetables and grains. The company became wildly popular because of his basic business philosophy - "Offer my customers a quality product at a fair price and they will return."



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