Wave Petunia Seeds

Vibrant & Versatile Wave Petunias! Plant breeding excellence with extensive impact! The PanAmerican plant breeders changed the face of ornamental gardening when they introduced Wave petunias. Plant performance across all series is simply outstanding and the popularity of the Waves continues to grow. Purple Wave Classic started the spreading petunia trend more than 20 years ago. Gardeners and garden writers across the country continue to take notice. The Waves have evolved into the most outstanding petunia series ever introduced.

Wave Petunia Seeds

Landscapes of Wave petunias have little competition. Four series and a myriad of colors provide options for any setting, whether it calls for a ground-hugging carpet of color or bountiful, lush mounds of blooms. Able to bounce back quickly from adverse weather, Waves are trusted favorites in America’s parks, gardens, and landscapes. 

Containers on the deck are as showy as they come when planted with Wave petunias. Prolific blooms cover the spreading plant overspilling its containers, creating a true sight to behold. Hanging baskets of Waves are true show stoppers in hanging baskets, providing superior performance and can’t-look-away color. 

Consumers are quickly drawn to their proliferation of blooms on uniform spreading plant habits ensuring they will fly out the garden center doors. Window boxes spilling over with Waves far surpass the ordinary! Waves offer generous, color-drenched cascades of color that make simple window boxes into high-impact showpieces.

The Authentic Trailing Petunia™ has been a favorite with consumers for more than 25 years. Since its inception, PanAmerican Seed has developed four different Wave® series that each address a specific market, while integrating the strong traits of the original Wave Petunias.

Known as the lowest growing in the Wave family, this ground-hugging series creates a striking blanket of color that thrives in every sunny setting.

Height: 5–7", 36–48" spread

Usage: Garden, landscape

You’ve never seen petunia hanging baskets like these – each Shock Wave plant is blanketed with tons of color from the prolific petite, high-impact flowers.

Height: 7–10", 30–36" spread

Usage: Containers, garden

Bring a mounded habit with an array of decorator colors perfect for solo and mixed planters and baskets, gardens, and landscapes. Now offering E3! It’s Early, it’s Efficient, it’s the Evolution of Easy Wave®!

Height: 6–12", 25–39" spread

Usage: Containers, garden, landscape

Tidal Wave does it all! These fast-fill plants spread out across big spaces and crawl along and over walls and fences.

Height: 16–22", 30–60" spread

Usage: Garden, landscape