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Sugary Enhanced Yellows

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Sugary Enhanced (se) sweet corn varieties have a modifying gene or combination of genes, which increases the original levels of sugars in the kernels and extends their flavor. Moisture loss is also slower than Normal (su) and tenderness is improved. The result is a sweeter, more tender kernel with good corn flavor that will retain its quality longer than Normal (su) corn. As a group, these types have similar seed weight to Normals (su) and some germinate nearly as well under the same conditions. They too, should be isolated from field corn, popcorn, ornamental corn, and shrunken (sh) types. For best results isolate from Normal (su) sweet corn. “Isolation” as used above can either mean at least 250 ft. apart, separated by an effective wind break, or 10 to 14 days difference in maturity because corn is wind pollinated.

Photo of Spring Treat F1 Insect Guard Sweet Corn Seeds, Yellow Sugary Enhanced Sweet Corn
Sweet Corn Spring Treat F1 Insect Guard


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