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Experience the Quality Elite™ Sweet Corn Difference!

Harris Seeds is very excited to be able to offer to you the Quality Elite line of sweet corn that was developed by the breeders at HM Clause. The varieties in this line produce the best tasting, highest quality sweet corn available on the market today. The Quality Elites possess the traits and characteristics demanded by growers and desired by consumers.

The Quality Elite difference incorporates these traits into each variety in the line: an ear size that is 5% longer than the industry standard; brix readings that are 3% higher than the industry standard; a kernel depth that is 3% deeper than the industry standard; 23% better husk protection than the industry standard, and field holding ability that is 7 days longer than the industry standard. Each of these outstanding traits can be found in every variety in this new line of sweet corn. With their added ear size, husk protection and field holding ability, these varieties are sure to be a hit with the grower and their superb sweetness and deep bite will make them favorites with the consumer.

What Our Customers Are Saying:
"I have been customer of Harris Seeds for over twenty years. I tested Quality Elite sweet corn when it was first released a few years ago, and they are now my 'go to' varieties of choice. Quality and flavor are superior and my customers now ask for them when they visit my business." - Henry D. (Ticondaroga, NY)

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Quality Elite Sweet Corn