Corn, Ornamental Corn Seeds

Our lineup of ornamental corn seed varieties is one of the very best. Ornamental corn is easy to grow in home gardens and they are very popular items at roadside stands and farmers’ markets. It has unlimited uses for dried arrangements, wreaths, swags and other crafts.

Corn, Ornamental Corn Seeds

Ornamental Corn Home Garden Growing Tips

Ornamental corn can be grown much the same way as sweet corn, using the same cultural and fertilization practices. Specific planting instructions can be found on the variety package.

Fresh Market Grower Tips

Halloween has now eclipsed all other holidays as sales leader for the grower-retailer. While pumpkins may be king of the hill, there are a host of other products, including ornamental corn, broom corn, cornstalks, and popcorn, that will bring in additional income to both wholesale and retail markets.

If growing everything you sell is already a challenge, seek out other growers in your region who will grow and wholesale fall ornamental products to you directly. If you do sell direct, try to make your location a destination by creating interesting arrangements and product offerings. Create an environment that exudes warmth and charm.

Average Seed Count: Refer to each specific variety.