Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato / Onion Planting Guide
Sweet Potato / Onion Receiving Guide

Sweet potatoes are the perfect trifecta of easy to grow, delicious and packed with nutritional value! Harris Seeds is pleased to offer certified Sweet Potato Transplants from Steele Plant Co., Tennessee’s largest sweet potato plant dealer.  Steele Plant Co. will lovingly pack and speedily ship your sweet potato transplants according to the best time to plant in your locale.

Sweet potatoes are heat loving plants that need a long warm growing season but can be grown in every state. Plant in late spring when soil temperatures have reached 70°F. Northern climates will benefit from using black plastic to increase soil temperatures. Sweet potatoes do not fair well in cold weather and temperatures below 45°F can be damaging. Transplanting within 24 hours of receipt is ideal. If cold weather prevents planting immediately, place roots in a vase with a small amount of cool water or plant into moist potting mix and keep at room temperature and indirect sunlight until weather conditions improve for transplanting. Transplant slips at sundown to avoid mid-day sun exposure. Plant slips 12” apart in ridged rows that are 3’ apart. Plant slips so that the white part of the root is fully covered.

SHIPPING INFO: Live products have fixed ship dates based on your location. Steele Plant Co. products will ship to you directly from our supplier in spring unless you specify a later ship week in the Order Notes field at checkout. Shipments continue through late spring until product is sold out. Please see individual product pages for more information.

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