Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are known for their big, starchy, pleasantly sweet-tasting flesh. They are incredibly nutritious and a crucial root crop worldwide. These vegetables are popular among local gardeners and commercial growers because they are easy to grow, versatile, tasty and healthy.

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Sweet Potatoes

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We are committed to selling top-quality bulbs at Harris Seeds because we know the best harvests start with great slips and plants. Here are our most popular sweet potato plant varieties:

  • Sweet Potato Beauregard: This variety is a top seller for its excellent performance throughout the country. It particularly lends itself to northern climates because of its shorter timespan until reaching maturity. Beauregard sweet potatoes are known for their great sweet taste and nutrient richness.
  • Sweet Potato Georgia Jet: This sweet potato is famous for its bright orange flesh, rose-tinted skin and rapid growth, making it well-suited to northern regions and other states.
  • Sweet Potato Covington: The great-tasting and nutritious Covington sweet potato is great for markets and retail for its uniform shapes and sizes and its bold orange interior with rosy skin.
  • Sweet Potato Vardaman: This bushy sweet potato type is ideal for container gardens and small spaces. The delicious and nutrient-rich Vardaman variety has deep golden skin and vivid orange flesh.

Growing sweet potatoes for personal use or to sell commercially has multiple benefits:

  • Easy to grow: Sweet potatoes are easier to grow in warmer to temperate climates, but they can also thrive in northern regions when black plastic is used in raised rows, making them easy-to-grow root vegetables throughout the country.
  • Nutritious: Sweet potatoes are great for your health and act as natural anti-inflammatories and a good source of antioxidants and nutrients such as manganese. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins C and A and are a superb way to increase your daily fiber intake.
  • Versatile: The humble sweet potato can be used in many forms. Enjoy them raw, boiled, baked, as fries or in loaves of bread or desserts. This root vegetable lends itself equally to savory and sweet dishes, and you can even feed them to livestock like cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and rabbits.

Sweet potatoes grow from slips. These slips are sprouts that are cultivated from existing sweet potatoes.

A handy tip if growing sweet potatoes for the first time — remember to allow enough time for your sweet potatoes to grow when purchasing your slips from Harris Seeds. Most sweet potato varieties take between 90 to 120 days to mature and are sensitive to cold temperatures and frost. We recommend using black plastic mulch to warm the soil in colder regions.