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Use grow lights for indoor plants and seedlings! Find light stands (1 tier, 2 tier, 3 tier and 4 tier) as well as light fixtures - Agrobrite T-5, Active Grow LED, SunBlaster T-5 and LED Strips and Feit brands. Choose from fluorescent, LED, full spectrum, blue and red spectrum. By using supplemental lights for starting plants, you will ensure that they have sufficient energy to grow as strong and as healthy as possible.

See our Grow Light Types Reference Chart for light types, spectrum, bulb life, # of tubes, dimensions, hanging features, wattage and more.

Many vegetables and flowers require light for seed germination. It is important to check your seed packet to see if light is a requirement. If so, these seeds should be sown on top of the soil or very lightly covered to ensure they receive enough light. Another common problem people new to seed starting face is spindly plants that fall over. When seeds are started indoors or outside under very short days, artificial lighting is a must. Grow lights for seedlings should be placed very close to each flat, approximately 1 1⁄2 or 2 inches from the plants. The close proximity of the light ensures that the plants do not stretch toward the light but rather stay healthy and stocky.