Live Plants & Bulbs

Claims 101 for live goods

Live goods include flower bulbs and corms, vegetable transplants, onion and shallot sets, garlic bulbs, and seed potatoes.

Preparing for your order to arrive

  • Verify the live goods items on your order
  • Verify the shipping address is correct
  • Verify the ship week is correct
  • Contact us immediately at 800-544-7938 if you find any errors with the order.

  • Ship Week is always a Monday date.  
  • Vendor can ship any day during the ship week - Please be aware that your shipment may ship later in the week 
  • Tracking is available to our customer service team once remitted by the vendor. 

Share details about your shipping policies, item returns, or customer service. It is important to plant live plant material right away! Be ready to plant your live product after receipt. 

If you cannot be ready to plant your product, be prepared to properly store it. See receiving guides for proper handling once received.    

Bareroot Receiving Guide

Dahlia / Gladiolus / Lily Receiving Guide

Onion / Shallot / Leek / Potato / Sweet Potato Receiving Guide

Your order has arrived, now what? 

  • Remove all live goods products from the box. 
  • Inspect for quality and accuracy. See below for any reasons that may warrant a damage claim. Take photographs of product in the state it arrived in.  

Something isn’t right?

  • Product shows signs of disease, pest damage or poor quality. 
  • Product is missing but the packing slips says they should be in the box. 
  • You received the wrong item/order.   

  • Contact Harris Seeds within 48 hours of receipt of goods from the carrier. 
  • Be prepared to provide your Harris order number (ORDXXXXXXX) or customer id. 
  • Take pictures of the condition the product arrived in. Photos are required for all claims. Pictures should only be sent in response to the Claim Email containing next steps (by Replying All) that will be sent after the claim process has been initiated. Images that are not sent in response to/attached to the Claim email chain will not be considered part of the claim and will result in the claim being denied. 
  • Reply All to the Initial Claim email sent from  
    - Provide counts of damaged product 
    - Attach photos 
    - Provide a written description of the damage 
    - Provide unboxing date 
    - Provide desired resolution 
  • Please do not throw away plant material! While it is rare, vendors do reserve the right to ask for plant material in question to be shipped back to them for examination and approval. Any material disposed of prematurely will forfeit your right to any potential claim and refund. 
  • Once all Claim information has been provided, your claim will be processed within 7 days. Any approved refunds may take additional processing time.  
  • All Claim steps must be completed with in 30 days of receipt of product. Any claim not completed in that time frame will be voided and cannot be re-opened.  

Freight & Claims

Harris Seeds is not responsible for damages due do carrier mishandling. All claims for damage during transit should be made to the carrier. 

Qualifying claims may result in refund for product cost only. Shipping and handling costs are non-refundable.   

Shipments may be delayed due to weather or availability. No discounts or refunds are given for live goods shipments that are delayed 3 ship weeks or less.


Orders for Live Goods may be cancelled up to 10 business days prior to the ship date. Unfortunately, cancellation requests made later than 10 business days prior to the ship date cannot be accommodated.

All ship date adjustments made after time of order placements are subject to vendor availability and approval. Ship date adjustments cannot be made the week prior to your ship date. Please contact us immediately if you need to adjust your assigned ship date.