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Harris Seeds has been a leading purveyor of the highest quality flower seeds since 1879. We carry an extensive selection of annual flower seeds and plants, perennial flower seeds, bedding plants, cut flower seed varieties, succulents and foliage. Choose from thousands of flowers including petunias, sunflowers, zinnias, marigolds, geraniums, impatiens and much more.
Grow them in garden beds, containers and field. Find annuals and perennials in various seed forms including pelleted and organic flower seeds. See our listing of All-America Selections Winners. Each lot of seed that arrives at Harris Seeds is routinely tested for quality seed germination and vigor. We were the first company in America to test for acceptable seed germination and print the results on every package. Whether you are a professional cut flower grower, greenhouse grower for pack and pot sales, or a home gardener, you'll find a vast selection of the highest quality flower seeds here at Harris Seeds.

Top-Selling Flower Seeds

Every gardener or grower has a few favorite flower seeds. Below are some of the flower seeds for sale that have become bestsellers among our customers.

  • Zinnias: Bursting with color, zinnias come in a variety of shapes and textures thanks to their proliferation of petals. Spot these eye-catching flowers in borders and window boxes, or use a bouquet of cut zinnias for a cheery table centerpiece.
  • Snapdragons: Whimsical and bright, snapdragons have become a mainstay in traditional gardening for generations. When snapdragons bloom, they bloom with intensity. At Harris Seeds, we offer high-quality bulk snapdragon flower seeds to ensure you have the floral coverage and growth you want.
  • Sunflowers: As an unmistakable, warm and welcoming option, sunflowers inspire everyone from artists to fashion designers. In addition to rich yellow sunflower seed varieties, we also offer sunflowers in other hues, like the Ring of Fire variety.
  • Celosias: Somewhat feathery or bushy, celosias add depth, texture and versatility to any garden or arrangement. Their unique, ornamental shape has made them a top-selling flower seed.
  • Petunias: What could be more classic than a petunia? Hardy and abundant, petunias grown from the best flower seeds bloom again and again.
  • Asters: The end of summer doesn't mean the end of brilliant flowers. Asters are the showy superstars of autumn gardens. They're popular with butterflies, making them a pretty addition to any private or public garden space.

Why Choose Harris Seeds?

For more than 140 years, Harris Seeds has sold a wide selection of flower seeds that exceeds expectations. Whether you need seeds in bulk for your commercial operation or a single packet to create the landscape of your dreams, we're here to help.

When you buy flower seeds from Harris Seeds, you get peace of mind knowing that each seed has been trialed and tested. Place your flower seed order online today.

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