About Us


Every year, we support 100+ nonprofits — in our local community and across the country.

Why We Give

We take our responsibility for giving back seriously.

Our mission is to promote the benefits of agriculture, horticulture, and gardening — and we believe it is our social responsibility to support causes that align with this purpose.

We take this responsibility seriously. Every year, we support more than 100 nonprofits through our seed donation program and direct partnerships.

So when you buy your seeds and supplies from us, you can feel good knowing your purchase makes an impact not only on your own plot of land, but also in communities nationwide.

Our 5 Local Donation Partners

Our roots grow deep in our local community of Rochester, NY. We aim to give back to this city we love through our longstanding local partnerships.

Dilmun Hill

Dilmun Hill is a student-run farm that promotes community through active engagement in ecological agriculture.

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Green Visions

As a neighborhood-based workforce development program, Green Visions offers at-risk youth meaningful work experience and support in finding jobs.

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Homesteads for Hope

Homesteads for Hope promotes sustainable futures by creating a collaborative community to serve adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Cornell Cooperative Extension

Cornell Cooperative Extension offers several community programs, including initiatives that support garden-based learning and workforce development.

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One of the first programs of its kind, The EquiCenter Farm provides Therapeutic Horticulture programs for veterans.

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Campaigns For A Cause

Each year, we create causal campaigns to support the urgent needs of growers and communities around the world.

2023 Campaign

Growers Supporting Growers

Record rainfall and snowpack melts, combined with high temperatures, flooded rivers and reservoirs in West coast communities in 2023, particularly in California. Many growers — including some of our own growing partners —  lost their entire crop or were unable to seed for the season.

To help provide direct financial aid to small-scale farmers impacted by disaster, we provided financial support to the Community Alliance with Family Farmers’ “California Family Farmer Emergency Fund.” A portion of proceeds from online sales of our Growers Supporting Growers collection were donated to the fund to help these impacted family farms weather the storm.

2022 Campaign

Sunflowers for Ukraine

In 2022, we assisted the Ukrainian relief effort through our campaign, Sunflowers for Ukraine. Noting that the sunflower had become the unofficial flower of Ukraine, we launched our Sunflowers for Ukraine seed collection, donating 100% of all proceeds from this collection. Through this campaign, we were able to donate $20,000 to Ukrainian Relief Efforts.

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Donation Request

How to Request a Seed Donation

Every year, we donate seed to nonprofits across the country that use the seed to support community gardens, churches, and local food banks, as well as educate through events and outreach. If your organization uses seeds to serve the community, we welcome you to request a donation.


  • We only donate seed to organizations that are physically planting the seed.
  • You must attach your 501(c)3 certificate or 990 to be considered for our donation program.