Seed Starting Supplies

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The best flowers and vegetables start with the best seed and best propagation supplies. Harris Seeds offers you a vast line of plant propagation supplies including propagation trays, humidity domes, peat pots, plastic pots, heat mats, rooting hormones, plant labels, and more.

Growing seed in the proper sized container is critical. Starting items like tomatoes and peppers in 50 cell, 84 cell or 144 cell plug trays instead of 288 trays or 512 trays can give you large enough plants to transplant directly into the field without having to transplant them first into a larger cell or pack. This can save a lot of time and labor. On the other hand, planting really small seeded flowers into large cells hinders germination and the development of a strong root system. Jiffy Peat products are ideal for starting seeds and for transplanting plants directly into the field. Because the roots are not disturbed while transplanting, transplant shock is reduced, resulting in bigger, healthier, and earlier vegetable crops. Jiffy Peat Pots and Jiffy Strips are biodegradable and OMRI approved for organic production.