Produce Bags

Mesh produce bags, net vegetable bags, and rolled plastic produce bags are excellent low-cost options for farmers' markets, roadside stands or stores. Harvest, transport, store and sell your vegetables in mesh bags.

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Produce Bags

Mesh bags provide necessary air circulation to keep produce fresh and crisp. They are an environmentally-friendly, reusable option. Farmers and customers both benefit from using mesh bags. When farmers place their produce in the bags to store and sell them, customers already have an easy way to carry them after purchasing.

Produce Bags for Every Crop

Netted bags are great for onions, corn, potatoes, and other veggies. Other bags available are plastic produce bag rolls, durable zippered plastic bags, herb sleeves, and burlap bags. If you sell sweet corn, choose from different sizes of sweet corn bags, including heavy mesh bags. Onion storage bags and potato bags/potato sacks are also available.

Shop Mesh Bags for Vegetables

Whether you need mesh potato bags or mesh bags for other produce, Harris Seeds has you covered. Our variety of mesh bags can help you keep your vegetables organized and safe during each stage of production. In addition to our produce bags, our totes and aprons are staples for farm market managers.

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