Parsley Seeds

Parsley is a great item to complement fresh vegetable sales and herb sales. Select from double- and triple-curled parsley types, as well as Italian flat-leaf types. We choose our parsley varieties for their uniformity, flavor and attractive dark green color.

Average Seed Count: 300 per packet; 18,000/Oz.

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Parsley Seeds

High-Quality Parsley Seeds for Sale

At Harris Seeds, we supply growers around the United States with the seeds and supplies they need to grow thriving parsley and other plants. Hobbyists and professionals alike choose our high-quality parsley seeds:

  • As a companion for other crops: Parsley naturally deters pests and attracts beneficial insects like pollinators. These characteristics make parsley an excellent partner for your other veggies.
  • For nutritional value: This plant is as rich in nutrients as it is in flavor. Parsley's vitamins and antioxidants promote healthier skin, bones and more.
  • To uplift culinary favorites: From soups to grilled meats, parsley adds a refreshing twist to any dish. Its versatility means you can easily add it to your diet.

Our Most Popular Parsley Varieties

No matter what your needs are, we have bulk parsley seeds for every garden and palate. Choose from our most popular varieties:

Parsley Growing Tips

With some extra care and attention, enjoying fresh parsley is a breeze. Here are our top parsley growing tips:

  • Plant your parsley indoors six to eight weeks before the season's last frost, or sow directly outdoors after it passes.
  • Accelerate the germination process by soaking your seeds overnight before planting.
  • Ensure your seeds have well-drained soil and six to eight hours of sunlight per day.
  • Keep the inner stalks intact to enjoy continued harvests.

Buy Parsley Seeds for Your Garden Online

Parsley takes time to germinate, so it's best to start the process as soon as possible. When you choose Harris Seeds, you'll get tried and tested seeds, high germination rates and fast turnaround times at the right price. Purchase your parsley seeds today!