Onion Transplants

Considering that onions are a food staple for just about any household, offering them in your product line is a sure sell. Save time and labor by getting an early start on your crop production with our diversified onion plant selection. The plants are started by a reputable plant grower and delivered directly to you.

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Onion Transplants

Why Pick Harris Seeds for Onion Starts?

To grow the best produce, you have to start with the best foundation. At Harris Seeds, we bring you time-tested onion plants that will ripen into vegetables you'll be proud to share. Buy onion plants and more with us for your year-round gardening and growing needs.

Onion Transplants are shipped dormant. Do not be alarmed if they appear dry upon arrival. Dry roots and dry, slightly yellowing plant tips are normal. The onion plant can live off of its bulb for approximately three weeks. Onions can be planted 4-6 weeks before the last average frost date for your area. The most common issues for onion plants are related to fungal growth, which occurs during periods of high moisture and humidity. Avoid fungal issues with your transplants by unboxing immediately and providing adequate ventilation.  Learn more about growing onion transplants here.

When choosing between onion starts, opt for some of the top-selling varieties. Below are onion plant types that sell best from Harris Seeds year after year:

  • Yellow sweet Spanish onions: Warm, yellow and mild, sweet Spanish onions are a staple among home gardeners and commercial growers. Expect generously sized bulbs from transplants bought through Harris Seeds.
  • White onions: Culinary enthusiasts know that having white onions in the kitchen is necessary. White onions can range in flavors from subtle to snappy. Whether you're planting for yourself or resale, they're a surefire winner.
  • Blush onions: Our blush onions have a bit of a pink hue that's packed with flavor. They store well, thanks to their tight necks. Many French-inspired recipes will call for blush onions