Seed Potatoes

You don’t need to have an expansive garden to plant and harvest fresh potatoes year after year. That’s one of the reasons so many gardeners consider potatoes some of their most essential crops. Seed potatoes are tubers that have been grown the previous season and stored through the winter.

Seed Potatoes

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Potato / Onion Planting Guide

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How to Plant and Grow Seed Potatoes

For many growers, the answer boils down to how they plan to use their potatoes. Each potato variety is best-suited for at least one, if not several, eating purposes. For instance, Kennebec potatoes are multipurpose, meaning they can be used in plenty of recipes. Fingerling potatoes are often used for roasting but can also be boiled.

You need to put some measures into place to ensure that all the seed potatoes you buy are properly nurtured and nourished.

  • Grow in full sun: Potatoes require at least six hours of direct sunlight each day.
  • Plant your seed potatoes with the “growth eyes” facing up. Cover tubers with about an inch of soil.
  • Pull in additional soil over the foliage as plants develop to create a hill or mound. Potatoes may also be grown in barrels or potato patio planter bags. Partially fill the barrel or planted bag with at least 6-8 inches of soil.
  • Place your potato in the container and cover with about 1 inch of soil. As the potato grows, continue to fill the container with soil, covering the foliage.