Both commercial growers and home gardeners rely on our vegetable seeds for a successful growing season.

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Why Choose Harris Seeds?

Since 1879, generations of growers have looked to us for quality vegetable seeds.

We regularly test our vegetable seeds to ensure the highest germination rates.

From treated, untreated, raw, organic, pelleted and more, we offer a range of seed forms to meet your individual growing needs.

We offer the best credit terms in the industry, empowering commercial growers to better balance operating costs and cash flow cycle.

Our Best-Selling Vegetable Seeds

These vegetable seeds are favorites among both home and commercial growers.


Determinate and indeterminate slicers, cherry, grape, heirloom, Roma, plum, cocktail tomatoes and more.

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Sweet Corn

Sweet corn has evolved over the last twenty years, turning into superior varieties with high eating quality and disease resistance.

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Our top selling genera. Shop varieties of all sizes and colors.

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Summer Squash

Zucchini, yellow and golden squash.

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Choose from Harris Seeds' extensive pepper seed varieties that include sweet bell, hot, specialty and ornamental peppers.

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Plan Your Harvest With Our Growing Guides

Plan which seeds you’ll sow this season with our growing guides — created for both new and expert growers.

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Phytopthora, caused by the fungus Phytophthora capsici and also known in peppers as damping off, root rot, crown rot, and stem and fruit rot, is responsible for significant crop losses throughout the country. It can attack the roots,...

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How To Plant and Grow Pumpkins

Table of Contents Choosing Pumpkin Varieties to Grow When to Plant Pumpkins How to Plant Pumpkins How...

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Plant Nutrition: Micronutrients

Understanding plant nutrition can be the difference between vigorous, productive plants and plants that struggle. You may be familiar with...

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How To Plant, Grow and Harvest Onions

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