Organic Pepper Seeds

Harris Seeds sells organic pepper seeds of various colors, sizes, shapes and flavors for all of your farming or gardening needs. 

Order from a reputable supplier that's a member of the Home Garden Seed Association, All-America Selections, American Seed Trade Association and National Garden Bureau. We're trusted and highly rated among farmers and gardens across America. 

Categories to explore

Organic Pepper Seeds

There are several types of peppers, but sweet and hot are the primary categories:

Sweet: Sweet peppers have crunchy thick walls and a crisp flavor. Bell peppers like the Pepper Sprinter F1 are perfect for stuffing, snacking peppers have delicious sweetness for eating fresh, and all sweet pepper varieties are excellent grilled, sauteed, baked, or roasted. Orange and yellow bell peppers, like the Pepper Lunchbox Mix, provide a delicate, fruitier flavor. Select from many organic sweet pepper seed options. 

Hot: Hot peppers like Pepper Primero Red F1 typically mature from green to red and develop the most heat and flavor when ripe. Medium-heat types like jalapenos and poblanos are great for adding heat to salsa, soup, casseroles, and pasta. High-heat types like cayennes and habaneros are spicy additions to chili, jam, and salsas. These types can have tall, vigorous plants that may require support with stakes. Browse the hot pepper seed selection at Harris Seeds.

Benefits of Organic Peppers

Certified Organic seeds are untreated, which eliminates exposure to seed treatments, and they are safer for farm workers and families to handle. They are non-GMO and grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Organic seeds support growers and gardeners aiming for sustainable production practices.

Why Choose Harris Seeds?

Choose from a large variety of organic bell pepper seeds or other peppers. When you choose Harris Seeds, you receive:

High-quality seeds

High germination rates

A big selection

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NOFA-NY Organic Handling Certification

Browse the organic pepper selection to get started. Select your preferred seed types and quantities to start growing tasty peppers today!