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Four Star Greenhouse's Program

Four Star’s reputation as an industry leader continues to grow with their high-quality cutting-grown liner (vegetative) annuals, perennials and shrubs in the Proven Winners® program.

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Why choose our Four Star Greenhouses program?


The #1 supplier of Proven Winners plants specializing in Annuals, Herbs, Grasses, and Shrubs.


A key contributor in research and development of new varieties of Proven Winners and Proven Selection plants.


Over 300 bundled combo recipes to select from to create beautiful hanging baskets and planters.


Comprehensive year of program, highlights National Recipes and best sellers.

Annuals, Herbs, Grasses, and Shrubs

Maximize profits using quality young plants and products grown in Four Star’s 20 + acres of greenhouses, outdoors gardens that have been rigorously tested and trialed prior to market introduction. Add the signature white pots along with standout POP signage and social media call outs to create a store within a store. Customers consistently seek the PW brand to enhance their landscapes and gardens with a product that outperforms all others in the industry in superior genetics and quality.

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Bundled Combos

Take the guesswork out of creating beautiful and lasting combinations with the Bundled Combination Program. With Four Star’s Bundled Kits, Bundled Lite Kits and new Premium Bundled Kits, recipes arrive with a tray of each component, specific combination tags and planting card to make the design and production flawless. Your hanging baskets and upright containers will never look better!

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Know the basics

  • Four Star has a 4x tray minimum to avoid a $30 Below Minimum Fee.
  • It is suggested to fill your box to maximize shipping cost and minimize damage. Boxing information and shipping estimates can be found below and on the front page of the Four Star Price List.
  • Pots and tags are both required for Single Pot Production of PW Annuals. Tags are included in the price of the plants. Pots must be ordered separately by the case.
  • Place your order before October 15th for 3% Early Order Discount (EOD).
  • Once an order has been sown, the order cannot be cancelled.

October 1, 2023 – September 28, 2024 for most Proven Winners & Proven Selections

FOB Carleton, Michigan: Liners will be delivered to your door via UPS. Freight estimates include freight, boxing, and packing charges. *Freight is estimated at order placement and finalized at shipping.

Standard Expedited Shipping
Approx. $157- $210 per box.

SuperSaver Freight Program: Approx. $101- $170 per box.

Four Star trucks deliver your order to the FedEx hub near you.  FedEx delivers from the hub to your door. See pg. 220-221 of 2024 Four Star Catalog for more details.

Grower Truck: Approx. $15- $30 per tray. Delivery is available for most areas east of the Rocky Mountains. Minimums start at 80 trays per shipment.

Container Shipping Estimate: Approx. $15- $30 per case.

Customer Pick-up: Can be scheduled. There is a $15 boxing charge for pick-ups requesting boxing. 

*Caladium and Calla Bulbs ship directly from the supplier and must be ordered separately.

Shipping Information | Four Star Greenhouse (

Shipping Regions | Four Star Greenhouse (

  • 104/102 Tray
  • 75/75 Tray (3 x 25 strip)
  • 72/70 Tray
  • 50/50 Tray
  • 465/440 Tray
  • 52/52 Supernova Tray
  • 28/28 Supernova Tray and ColorChoice® shrubs
  • 8/8 ColorChoice® Quick Turn shrubs

Know the unique requirements

  • Please review live inventory before submitting an order. Four Star posts their inventory by ship week for the season via their ePicas site.
  • Consider choosing a Super Saver Ship Week for best shipping rates.
  • Caladium and Calla Bulbs ship directly from the supplier and must be ordered separately.

There is a four-tray minimum to avoid a $30 Below Minimum Fee.

  • 104/102 Tray – 8 trays/box
  • 75/75 Tray (3 x 25 strip) – 6 trays/box
  • 72/70 Tray – 8 trays/box
  • 50/50 Tray – 6 trays per box
  • 465/440 Tray – 12 trays/box
  • 52/52 Supernova Tray – 8 trays/box
  • 28/28 Supernova Tray –  4 trays/box
  • 8/8 ColorChoice® Quick Turn – 4

Standard orders: Please review live inventory before submitting an order.

At-Once orders: Paid by Tuesday prior to the ship week.

*Due to their quick nature and limited inventory, at-once orders must be paid within 48-hours to avoid cancellation.

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