Plug & Liner Overview

Grown to order, plugs and liners are young plants that help you save time, labor, and costs during the production season. Plugs are usually grown from seed while liners are usually grown from cuttings or tissue culture.

Plugs & liners are usually transplanted into packs, pots, or mixed containers for further growing on in a greenhouse. Larger plugs & liners may be transplanted directly into the field for cut flower, vegetable, container, and landscape applications.

Save Time, Labor, And Costs With Plugs & Liners

Quick turnaround time means quick cash. Some trays produce a salable plant in a 4 - 6 inch container in as little as 4 - 6 weeks.

Reduce energy and labor costs related to winter greenhouse production by starting the season with plugs and liners.

Increase variety selection and sales revenue by choosing from thousands of seed and vegetatively-grown annuals, perennials, herbs, and vegetables for bedding plant, container, and cut flower sales.

Ordering 101

How To Order Plugs & Liners

We partner with the country’s best plug & liner grower specialists to offer commercial growers like you the highest quality young plants.

Visit our Ordering 101 for Plugs & Liners page for step-by-step ordering instructions.

3 key things to know about plugs & liners:

  • We work with grower specialists as a broker. We act as the liaison between you and our plug & liner grower specialists. This means you get the same customer service you’ve come to trust from us, while also receiving the highest quality plugs and liners on the market.
  • Products are grown to order. Our grower specialists plan for and grow the plants to ship directly to you on your pre-selected ship week.
  • We offer 90-day payment terms. When you order through us, you can enjoy our exclusive 90-day pre-approved payment terms for all plug & liner orders.

What Our Customers Think

"The coordination between Harris Seed and Raker-Roberta’s was amazing, and precise, and perfect in every way. I ordered what I wanted, it was seeded and grown, and shipped, and here I have 1,000 tiny begonia plugs (some with flower buds) and 500 angelonia at almost one inch tall ready for cell packs. They arrived moist, well packaged, and in the signature Raker-Roberta’s box. This is a tremendous value for those seeking hard-to-germinate or slow to develop seedlings, like begonia, or expensive seed like angelonia.”

— Mitch S.

Browse Available Products From Our Grower Specialists

Choose from thousands of annual, perennial, herb, and vegetable varieties from our vendor partners. Once you find the plants you’re looking for, you can choose tray sizes depending on your growing needs. Each vendor has their own minimum order requirements. And yes — you can order from more than one vendor!

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View Our Plug & Liner Grower Specialists

Learn More About Each Of Our Plug & Liner Grower Specialists.


The leading wholesaler of custom grown young plants, servicing the North America market for over 41 years and supplying over 3,000 plant varieties to greenhouses and nurseries around the planet.

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Four Star Greenhouses

Produces superb young plants and finished crops. The #1 supplier of Proven Winners® plants and products worldwide, dedicated to providing the best plants, products, programs and services possible.

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Pleasant View Gardens

Your success depends on more than just the highest quality plants – you need a supplier who delivers unparalleled support. The promise to provide outstanding plants and service are the values that PVG was built on.

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Gro’n Sell

Known industry wide as a wholesale grower of high-quality starter plants for annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables, and specialty products. They provide plants with service, variety, and value you can trust, time and time again.

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Mast Young Plants

MYP is Making You Priority every step of the way. Devoted to the best growing and production, research, trialing, and shipping methods so that you receive superior quality plant material to grow your business.

Learn more

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Ordering Plugs & Liners From Our Vendors? We’re Here To Help.

First, we recommend viewing products available by our grower specialists here. When selecting which grower specialist to use, we recommend choosing vendors located nearest to you — this will reduce shipping costs. Keep in mind order minimums, since each vendor will have their own requirements. 

Visit our Ordering 101 page to learn how to place your plugs & liners order.

Yes! You can use your pre-approved credit terms for all plug & liner purchases. 

Not yet pre-approved? Learn about our credit terms here.

We are committed to your growing success. If there are problems with your plugs & liners order, we can submit a claim.

Visit our Claims 101 for Plugs & Liners page here

We’re here to help! Please contact Harris Seeds customer service if you have any questions related to plugs and liners. Please do not contact vendors directly.