Begonia Seeds

One of the most versatile annuals, begonias can be grown in sun or shade. They are good germinators and very easy to grow, especially with our pelleted seed. Fibrous rooted, or garden begonias are great for beds, borders and containers. The exquisite tuberous rooted begonias make luscious containers and hanging baskets.

Begonia Seeds

Popular Begonia Seed Varieties

Varieties we offer include:

  • Ambassador: This beginner-friendly variety proliferates into a beautiful, compact plant with rich, green foliage.
  • Cocktail: Cocktail begonia's small flowers bloom in loose clusters on close stems.
  • Dragon Wing: This high-performance edition features exotic bell-shaped flowers and glossy leaves.
  • Fiona: Fiona produces continuous flowers until the first frost.
  • Funky: This mounding variety delivers flaming flowers, heat and stress tolerance.
  • Groovy: Popular for years, the Groovy begonia's large flowers grow in various conditions.
  • Gryphon: The Gryphon begonia's dark green foliage with yellow details makes it stand out.
  • Hula: Hula's branched, small flowers quickly fill beds and baskets.
  • Illumination: Illumination's vibrant and broad flowers brighten shady areas.
  • Megawatt: Megawatt produces showy flowers, durable stems and broad leaves. 
  • Nonstop: These classic, decorative begonias offer deer resistance. 
  • Sun Cities: Sun Cities' hanging blossoms give gardens a tropical look.
  • Super Olympia: Many adore these larger and brighter begonia flowers for their uniformity.
  • Viking Explorer: This modern variety flowers early with heavy blooms and trailing flowers.

Tuberous Begonia

The ‘Queen’ of All Shade Annuals!

Loved by gardeners everywhere for their strong performance, large succulent blooms, and bright clear colors, tuberous begonias look fabulous in patio containers and hanging baskets, yet are versatile enough to make lovely garden plants as well. Begonias thrive in full to partial shade, making them a natural fit for covered patios and decks, as well as for shaded flower beds. What’s more, these blooms show rose-like doubling and are saturated with color, creating a head-turning display of flower power!

The begonia is a beautiful plant that can be grown in many different ways. It's easy to care for and can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Here are some tips for growing begonias:

Begonias thrive in well-drained soil that is kept moist but not soggy. You can use potting mix or even sand when planting your begonia, as long as you add compost to the mix before planting.

Begonias need full sun or partial shade and should be watered regularly until they are established, then less frequently as they mature.

Fertilize every two weeks with a complete soluble fertilizer during the growing season and once a month during the winter months if you live in an area with mild winters (zone 7 or higher).

Prune back spent blooms to encourage new growth and prevent root rot by removing dead leaves from around the plant's base.