Herb Seeds

Our herb seeds are available in many varieties to help you grow herbs that are perfect for adding flavor to dishes, garnishing and acting as aromatics. You can discover new varieties of basil, parsley, dill and more while browsing our collection.

Herb Seeds

Our Most Popular Herb Seeds

At Harris Seeds, we carry a comprehensive collection of herb seeds for sale. Some of our most popular herb seeds include:

When you're ready to start an herb garden, buy your herb seeds from Harris Seeds. We ensure our seeds have superior germination, helping new and experienced gardeners succeed.

Herbs make an excellent addition to any outdoor garden or patio planter but can also be enjoyed throughout the winter months by harvesting from a windowsill garden. Harris Seeds offers seed of the most popular species of culinary and ornamental herbs. You will find planting instructions on each packet of seed.

As consumers become more accustomed to cooking with fresh herbs, new marketing possibilities are opening for direct market growers. Offer bunches of fresh basil alongside tomatoes, or pair dill with cucumbers or new potatoes. Provide simple recipes and storage tips, especially for less common herbs, to help customers feel more comfortable taking fresh herbs home. Most freshly cut herbs thrive when kept refrigerated and in water, like cut flowers. Basil, however, should be kept at room temperature. Maintain adequate moisture around leaves to prevent wilting; small plastic clam-shell containers or plastic bags work nicely.

You can enjoy herbs all year when you grow them inside your house. The best herbs to grow inside include:

These herbs are often essentials in cooking, so growing them inside makes it easy to add organic flavor to dishes quickly.

Many herbs thrive outdoors during warmer seasons, though some are sturdy enough to withstand the cold. You have a wide selection to choose from, including:

Additionally, many herbs that grow well indoors also thrive outdoors, like mint, basil, oregano and thyme.