Garlic Bulbs

Garlic is widely popular for adding flavor to sauces and stews, cooking meats, sautéing greens, and roasting on its own. Our seeds have the highest germination rates, so growers new and experienced can achieve success.

Garlic Bulbs

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Expect the best quality when you buy garlic bulbs from Harris Seeds. We offer softneck garlic bulbs, hardneck garlic bulbs, elephant garlic and more! 

Garlic Growing and Planting Guide

There are two main types of garlic: softneck (silverskin and artichoke) and hardneck (rocambole, purple stripe, and porcelain). Softneck garlic is most common simply because it is easy to grow and keeps longer. It offers a nice mild flavor and is the type you find in most grocery stores.

Hardneck (stiffneck) garlic has fewer but much larger cloves per bulb than softneck types. As it grows it produces a stalk called a “scape.” Scapes can be harvested and used for cooking before the garlic itself is actually harvested. Hardneck is very richly flavored and generally stronger tasting than softneck. Hardneck garlic is more winter hardy than softneck garlic for fall plantings.

Below are some of the garlic varieties that Harris Seeds customers return to again and again:

  • Garlic Music Hardneck: As delightful as its name, this garlic type produces sizable bulbs. Its striping leans toward muted pink and purple hues, making it as lovely to look at as it is tasty to eat. Be aware that the bulbs have an intensely strong flavor.
  • Garlic German White Hardneck Organic: Big garlic bulbs come from this hardy plant that’s at home in just about any climate. If you like your garlic to lean toward spicy overtones, you’ll appreciate the taste of the Garlic German White Hardneck Organic.
  • Garlic Chesnok Red Hardneck: Stunning and satisfying, this garlic bulb is distinct thanks to its purple-hued exterior and reddish bulbs. Expect rich, robust flavor — this garlic is a cook’s dream.

Garlic Gourmet Bulb Collection: Mix up your selection of garlic bulbs easily with this four-in-one set. Each comes with its own unique flavor profile, texture and appearance.

When exploring the garlic bulbs for sale at Harris Seeds, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Climate: It’s essential to know what growing zone you live in so you can choose garlic bulbs that will thrive. While some types of garlic will grow in most climates, other varieties may prefer more specific zones that lean more toward being cold or warm.
  • Bulb type: As you get to work with garlic more in your kitchen, you may find that you tend to use small cloves more than large ones or vice versa. Be sure to consider the size of the clove you want to grow. This will ensure that you always have enough of the right type of garlic on hand to make your favorite dishes.
  • Storage: The paper-like covering on garlic helps to preserve it under the right conditions. However, not all garlic will last through long periods of storage, especially if you have limited cool storage areas.
  • Flavor: Each type of garlic bulb boasts original characteristics. Knowing which flavor profile you prefer is helpful when selecting garlic bulbs from our online store.

Health benefits: Are you hoping to add garlic to your diet for health purposes? All varieties of genuine garlic contain chemical compounds that reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease and that help lower blood pressure.