Ornamental Strawberry Seeds

While these vigorous plants produce abundant aromatic fruit throughout the whole summer, the accent is on the attractive blooms. Consumers can showcase these multi-purpose strawberry varieties in decorative containers and hanging baskets for great 'grab and go' edible gardens.

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Ornamental Strawberry Seeds

Where to Buy Strawberry Seeds

At Harris Seeds, you can buy strawberry seeds to add to your garden. We have everbearing strawberry seeds for sale in addition to our bare root strawberries.

Browse our selection today to get one step closer to cultivating beautiful strawberry plants.

How Many Strawberry Seeds Per Hole or Pot?

Whether you plant your strawberry seeds in a hole or a pot, planting multiple seeds ensures at least one of them germinates. Because strawberry seeds are very small, you can plant three to four of them in one hole or pot. When you put the seeds in each hole, place them on top of the soil, then gently press the seeds down so they're snug in the hole but not covered with soil.

How Long Will Strawberries Take to Sprout?

Strawberry seeds can take between one and six weeks to sprout. Once you have seedlings, you can transplant them into bigger containers and let them grow for about another six weeks before planting outdoors.