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Top Ten Pumpkin Varieties

Top Ten Pumpkin Varieties

Halloween is the second largest consumer spending holiday and fall agritourism is booming. There are over a hundred different pumpkin varieties so it's hard to decide which the best pumpkin seed is for you! Luckily we've outlined our top 10 pumpkin seed varieties and what makes them our favorite. Create more opportunities to build sales for your fall market with these best-selling pumpkin varieties. 


Gladiator's improved disease protection and grower-preferred fruit size have made Gladiator the number one variety of growers across the country. Raised next to other varieties in field comparisons, Gladiator shows improved homozygous intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. The round, deep orange fruit have moderate ribbing and measure 13" wide x 12" high. Gladiator’s long handles are thick and firmly rooted to the 20 to 25 lb. fruit. Vigorous, semi-vine plants produce good yields of these classic, attractive pumpkins that are uniform for size and shape. US Patent 7,166,772.


Kratos offers growers a large handled pumpkin with intermediate resistance to powdery mildew that matures 2 weeks earlier than most of our other large fruited varieties. Strong vines with a semi-vine growth habit produce 20-30 lb. fruit that have a flat-round shape, medium ribbing, and large, firmly attached handles. The fruit have a medium-dark orange color. Good yield potential has been noted on Kratos in our test plots.

top pumpkin varieties field trip

Field Trip

Field Trip is an appropriately named variety for anyone catering to school tours at their farm market. Field Trip produces 5 to 7 lb. fruit with deep orange color, moderate ribbing, and distinctive, long, well-rooted handles. The attractive, flattened fruit are the ideal size for children to carry from the field and then home from school. Semi-vining plants have intermediate resistance to Powdery Mildew.

top pumpkin varieties cronus


Cronus pumpkins are produced on a large, vigorous vine that has exceptional yield potential, as well as intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. Its fruit weigh 25-60 lb. and have an attractive dark orange color, well defined ribs, and a consistent blocky/round shape. Its exceptional handle is long, dark-colored, well rooted, and has high dry matter, which leads to less stem shrinkage after harvest.


If you're growing for wholesale or you need a beautiful medium to large size pumpkin for retail sales, then Zeus is the variety to choose. Zeus produces big yields of consistently sized, round fruit, which have large and firmly attached stems. Its rich, dark-orange color and medium ribbing give it real eye appeal. The strong vines have a semi-vine growth habit and intermediate resistance to powdery mildew and ZYMV. Zeus is the perfect pumpkin for those looking for a 45-50 bin count variety.

Iron Man

If you have been impressed with our Lil’ Ironsides but you were looking for a larger fruit, then Iron Man is the pumpkin variety for you. Iron Man produces round to globe shaped, 3 to 4 lb. fruit that measure 6 to 7" in diameter. This is a hard shell variety that is great for painting, and it also has a dark orange color and strong, well-proportioned handles. The hard shelled fruit store for months and have tolerance to Fusarium and Phytophthora Fruit Rots. Iron Man’s vigorous full vine is tolerant to powdery mildew. Patent 7166772.  


Aladdin is known for it's dark orange fruit that tip the scales at 25 to 35 lbs. set near the crown on vigorous semi-full vines. The 12" wide x 15" tall fruit have moderate ribbing and large handles that are firmly rooted into the fruit. Aladdin’s intermediate resistance to powdery mildew allows you to produce high quality, large fruit that command top dollar at your roadside market or on the wholesale market.  

Cannon Ball

Vigorous bush plants produce good yields of 5 lb. round-shaped fruit that have an attractive burnished-orange color, slight ribbing, and large firmly rooted handles. The fruit are approximately 7" in diameter and have a good weight for their size. Because of Cannon Ball’s good shelf life, it makes a great item for painting and school tours. Intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. U.S. Patent 7,166,772.  

Magic Wand

If you like Magic Lantern, try Magic Wand. This improved variety offers Magic Lantern’s great color and uniformity, plus a larger, more firmly rooted stem. The 15 to 25 lb. dark orange fruit have good ribbing and a round to flattened shape. Magic Wand has a larger vine than Magic Lantern, but it carries intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. Refer to the pumpkin chart for spacing recommendations.  


Rhea pumpkin makes a great compliment to its larger brother Cronus. Large vines, which have intermediate resistance to powdery mildew, produce good yields of 20 to 30 lb. pumpkins. The fruit have a flat-round shape, a rich dark orange color, and strong, thick, dark green stems. Rhea has well defined ribs, great eye-appeal and excellent uniformity for shape. This pumpkin variety is a hit for roadside stand or wholesale sales.  

In Conclusion

There are hundreds of amazing pumpkin varieties to choose from but your specific situation will determine which variety is the best for you!

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