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Top 5 Large Orange Pumpkin Varieties

We're pleased to introduce our new online series - Pumpkin & Fall Ornamentals University! Starting with this segment we will be covering the top 5 varieties of each category within Fall Ornamentals. Categories will be large round, small orange, specialty, stacking and mini. Topics in the various segments will include culture, variety selection, planting information, & marketing tips for maximizing profits and getting the most out of the fall season. These segments will be short and informative. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.

Our Top 5 Large Orange Pumpkin Varieties
These Industry Leading Powdery Mildew Protected pumpkins make our top five list for the most common go to varieties for growers. Whether you sell wholesale or roadside, these varieties will have you covered! Classic ribbing, large strong rooted handles on rich dark orange fruit excel in overall performance resulting in a crop you can count on all the way through harvest and sales.

#1 Kratos Pumpkin
Kratos offers growers a large handled pumpkin, with intermediate resistance to powdery mildew that matures 2 weeks earlier than most of our other large fruited varieties. Strong vines with a semi-vine growth habit produce 20-30 lb. fruit that have a flat-round shape, medium ribbing and large, firmly attached handles. The fruit have a medium-dark orange color. Good yield potential has been noted on Kratos in our test plots.

Kratos Pumpkin

#2 Cronus Pumpkin

Cronus pumpkins are produced on a large, vigorous vine that has exceptional yield potential, as well as intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. Its fruit weigh 25-60 lb. and have an attractive dark orange color, well defined ribs, and a consistent blocky/round shape. Its exceptional handle is long, dark-colored, well rooted, and has high dry matter, which leads to less stem shrinkage after harvest.

Cronus Pumpkin

#3 Gladiator Pumpkin

Its improved disease protection and grower-preferred fruit size have made Gladiator the number one variety of growers across the country. Raised next to other varieties in field comparisons, Gladiator shows improved homozygous intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. The round, deep orange fruit have moderate ribbing and measure 13" wide x 12" high. Gladiator’s long handles are thick and firmly rooted to the 20 to 25 lb. fruit. Vigorous, semi-vine plants produce good yields of these classic, attractive pumpkins that are uniform for size and shape.

Gladiator Pumpkin

 #4 Secretariat Pumpkin
This large handled, dark orange pumpkin has a slightly flattened shape. The medium-large vines have intermediate resistance to powdery mildew and are very productive, bearing multiple fruit per plant. The exceptionally large handles will receive attention at roadside stands and U-Pick pumpkin patches.

Secretariat Pumpkin

#5 Ares Pumpkin
Ares' extra-long, thick, and firmly attached stems really set it apart from the other tall pumpkins on the market. The dark orange fruit average 22-28 lbs., are very uniform for size and shape, and have excellent ribbing. Ares pumpkins are produced on vigorous vines that offer excellent yield potential and intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. We urge you to add this tall, strong warrior pumpkin to your offering this season.

Ares Pumpkin

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