The Flower Farmer Mission

Harris Seeds and Harmony Harvest Farm are on a mission to support cut flower growers of all levels by creating resources to inform and inspire their flower path. Every growing journey is different, and we are here to help you on yours.

Our Partnership

Grow Local!

Resources for micro to small Flower Farmers

Please join us while we explore our farms and gardens in both Virginia and New York and build resources to support and expand flower farming in the United States. Harmony Harvest Farm and Harris Seeds are proud to partner to build a strong foundation for the next generation of flower farmers and to inspire professional growers and home gardeners alike.


Harmony Harvest Farms

A Certified American Grown farm, Harmony Harvest Farm grows over 200 varieties of flowers.

We take pride in delivering stunning, fresh-cut, farm-grown flowers to floral enthusiasts across the U.S. We believe that using premium blooms shouldn’t be limited by geography, or complicated. As farmers, we believe in simple, and as designers, we believe in quality.

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Harris Seeds

No one believes in tomorrow like a grower, and no one believes in growers like Harris Seeds. We know that the future is built on the decisions of today and we’re here to help you make them.  

For nearly 150 years our team of dedicated industry experts have equipped growers with everything they need for success. You can trust Harris Seeds to deliver quality products, expert advice and outstanding customer service.

We’re here to grow with you.

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Miya Sohoza

Miya Sohoza is a Farmer Florist, and the Ornamentals Product Manager for Harris Seeds. She enjoys highlighting the grit of day-to-day farm life in her floral design and creative work.

As a seed industry professional she is passionate about lifting the conversation on American Grown Flowers and the Slow Flowers Movement. The Flower Farmer Mission is a passion project for Miya and she is proud to build it with some of the cut flower industry's most knowledgeable experts.


Jessica Hall

Jessica is co-owner and operator of Harmony Harvest Farm. In 2011, Jessica bought the farm with her mother, Christine Auville and moved to the property with her husband and kids.

Jessica, who studied horticulture at Virginia Tech, was passionate about giving floral professionals access to seasonally-rich, American-grown flowers. For the next seven years, the farm transformed into a bustling flower farm that specialized in weddings and bulk flower sales to local florists.