Arugula Seeds

High-Quality Arugula Seeds for Sale

With its peppery and aromatic flavor profile, arugula is a staple in salads, Italian cuisine and other dishes. This hardy plant is excellent for hobbyists and professionals alike.

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Arugula Seeds

Harris Seeds carries high-quality arugula vegetable seeds for more vibrant gardens and dishes. Our selection includes treated, untreated and organic seeds for growers throughout the U.S.:

  • Standard arugula: Characterized by round leaves and a light green hue, regular arugula or Eruca sativa has a refreshingly mild taste. These varieties include Astro and Roquette.
  • Wild arugula: Gardeners choose wild arugula or Diplotaxis muralis for its prominent, pungent flavor profile. Varieties like Dragon's Fire feature deeply lobed leaves and a spicy kick for your sandwiches, salads and other recipes.

Tips for Growing Arugula

Ready to add this cool-weather crop to your garden? Keep these tips in mind for a successful harvest:

  • Sow your seeds directly into cool soil, specifically in the spring or fall, for optimal temperatures.
  • Choose a planting area with plenty of sunlight and nutrient-rich soil.
  • Protect your arugula seeds from flea beetles and other common pests with row covers.
  • You can harvest arugula as a baby green for a milder taste or when fully mature for a more intense flavor profile.
  • Pick the plant's outer leaves when harvesting so the arugula can keep producing fresh greens.

Shop Our Arugula Seeds for Sale

Whether you're new to gardening or a seasoned grower, Harris Seeds has what you need for a bountiful harvest. Our selection of high-quality seeds comes with quick turnaround times and fair pricing, from our garden to yours. Purchase your arugula seeds today!