Biodegradable Plastic Mulch

Radical Plastics has developed a patented technology that involves blending conventional plastics with their proprietary, naturally occurring catalyst. When properly compounded, this catalyst has the ability to render regular plastics biodegradable in the natural environment. Mulches made from the Radical Plastics compound perform just like regular plastic mulches, But the free radical catalyst converts the plastic into a material that microbes recognize as food. This allows them to metabolize the material turning it into biomass, CO2 and water. Radical Plastics compounds biodegrade fully in the environment leaving no residue, no toxic substances and no microplastics.

When storing mulches, they should be stored away from sunlight and heat. So, a general office space is good. The mulch film is designed for the 4-to-6-month life cycle in the field before degradation begins, then the biological phase takes over and continues the biodegradable with microbes found in nature. Radical Plastic mulch film leaves no microplastics behind.