Collard Greens Seeds

Collards are more common in the South for home garden and fresh market sales, but these greens are finding their way to some northern markets. They are a high source of vitamins A and C and calcium, and collards will produce an abundance of greens from very few plants.

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Collard Greens Seeds

Our untreated, hybrid collard seeds are quick to grow, flavor-packed and ideal for the dinner table and fresh produce market. Choose from our:

  • Collard top bunch seeds: Our collard top bunch seeds mature early and grow upright, making them perfect for bunching and processing.
  • Flash collard greens seeds: Gardeners like you favor Flash collards for their uniformity, high yields and dark, flavorful leaves.

Why Grow Collards?

Collard greens' numerous benefits make them an excellent addition to any garden. Enthusiasts and professionals alike value these plants for their:

  • Health benefits: From promoting better skin and hair to improving digestion, collard greens are as healthy as they are delicious. These plants are nutrient-dense and support your immune system.
  • Value: A few collard seeds will provide you with many bountiful harvests to come. When combined with quick regrowth times, our collard greens seeds offer boosted efficiency and excellent value.
  • Variety: Collards are versatile veggies that enhance any dish. Simmer them low and slow with bacon or ham, stir them into your favorite soup, or enjoy them as-is in salads or slaws.

Collards Growing Tips

Collards are an easy crop to grow and can be sown from early spring through July. Soil temperature should be at least 50 degrees. Complete planting instructions are on the packet. They are at their finest for cooking when picked at a younger stage, before they get old and tough. Try collard greens quick-cooked like spinach to retain maximum nutrients, and you may find this vegetable delightful.

Fresh Market Grower Tips

If you sell at a farmers’ market, you may want to consider offering collards. Our grower friends at the Rochester, New York, public market often sell out quickly.

Buy Your Collard Seeds Today

Why wait to enjoy refreshing homegrown veggies? With our fair pricing and quick turnaround times, you'll have all the collards you need to grow a Southern classic in your backyard. Order your collard seeds for sale today!