Giant Pumpkin Seeds

These are the extra-large to giant pumpkins that you will want to grow for competition or neighborhood bragging rights! Depending on growing conditions and your cultural practices, these giant pumpkin varieties can range in weight from 50 pounds to several hundred pounds. The World Record is now over 2000 pounds!

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Giant Pumpkin Seeds

Why Choose Giant Pumpkin Seeds from Harris Seeds?

We've been selling top-quality giant pumpkin seeds since 1879! We offer extra large pumpkin seeds with the highest germination rates in the industry. We also offer a wide variety of pumpkin seed sizes including big, small and mini.

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Our best-selling giant pumpkin seed varieties include:

  • Pumpkin Dill's Atlantic Giant: This giant orange pumpkin variety has an average weight of 200 to 300 pounds, making it exceptional for displays or contests.
  • Pumpkin Polar Bear: These strikingly white giant pumpkins weigh an average of 30 to 65 pounds, offering unique displays.
  • Pumpkin Prizewinner: This bright orange hybrid pumpkin weighs between 75 and 150 pounds, making it ideal for displays or contests.

Pumpkin Big Moose: Weighing between 50 and 150 or more pounds, these round, orange pumpkins with light ribbing are a top-seller for farmer's markets or roadside stands.

Proper fertilization, seed spacing and the use of plastic mulch and floating row covers are important to producing big pumpkins in your garden.

Mulches help to warm the soil, control weed growth and maintain good soil moisture levels. Floating row covers help to protect the plants early on from wind and cool temperatures — assuring quicker growth.

Always apply lime and fertilizers based on soil test recommendations. Giant pumpkin vines require approximately 2 pounds nitrogen (N), 3 pounds phosphorous (P) and 6 pounds potash (K) per 1,000 square feet of growing space. Pumpkins also like a rich, well drained soil and will benefit greatly from the addition of organic matter (compost, manure, etc.) to the garden.