Livi Pots

Livi Pot creators believe that by reimagining the smallest and most ordinary everyday products, we can create treasured experiences and impact our well-being. Livi is a versatile planter for both vertical and horizontal surfaces. While its design is inspired by nature, Livi’s palms are made of innovative nanotechnology material a microsuction pad that bonds with smooth surfaces like windows again and again.

Your plants will get all the light they need as you turn your window into a beautiful vertical garden. Grow your own fresh herbs or decorate areas with succulents and cacti. Just remove the protective film from the palms (micro-suction pads), and Livi is ready to stick to any flat, smooth surface in your home or office with a gentle push.

Each Livi planter comes with a 2 ¼” pot to insert into the planter so you can easily add and remove plants. Excess water drains into the space below, which acts as a water reservoir for the plant. A pipette is also included in case of overwatering, so you can remove excess water without having to remove the planter from its location. Planter measures 6” x 6” and comes in 5 different colors.