Tall Hedge Sunflower Seeds

These giant sunflowers grow between 8-15' in height. Usable as an effective screen or garden background, and a must for homeowners who are itching to grow the tallest sunflower in the neighborhood! When dry, the seed heads can be cut and sold as-is for wild bird food.

Tall Hedge Sunflower Seeds

At Harris Seeds, we have giant sunflower seeds for sale. Our tall sunflower seeds are perfect, whether you want to grow the tallest sunflower in your neighborhood or need to block the wind around your property.

Our tall sunflower seed varieties make great additions to your home garden. Tall sunflowers can brighten your home with their warmth, beauty and vibrant colors. Sunflowers are also a popular attraction and can help drive business to a commercial field or garden.

Benefits of Tall Sunflowers

When you grow tall sunflowers, you can reap the benefits the flowers provide. Tall sunflowers can act as a natural fence or screen between houses to give you more privacy. They also offer many benefits for your garden. Planting sunflowers helps detoxify and condition your soil to receive the nutrients it needs and become more drought-tolerant. Tall sunflowers can also attract birds and bees, helping increase pollination throughout the garden or farm.

Buy Tall Hedge Sunflower Seeds Today

If you're ready to start cultivating a tall sunflower garden, buy tall hedge sunflower seeds from Harris Seeds today! Your sunflowers will be the talk of the town because of their beauty and strength.