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Sunflowers for Ukraine: Harris Seeds Donates $20,000 to Ukrainian Relief Efforts

Sunflowers for Ukraine: Harris Seeds Donates $20,000 to Ukrainian Relief Efforts

Since March 2022, Harris Seeds has been assisting in the Ukrainian relief effort through a new campaign, Sunflowers for Ukraine.  

Through the campaign, which ran for the entire month of March before picking back up mid-April, Harris Seeds has donated 100% of proceeds from their online Sunflowers for Ukraine collection to humanitarian efforts in Ukraine due to the Russian Invasion.  

“Hearing what’s been happening and seeing the stories has been heartbreaking for everyone here,” said Kendall Brittingham, Harris’ Marketing Director. “A lot of growers and gardeners come to us for their flowers, so we felt it would be a great fit. It symbolizes more than just a beautiful flower. Now it’s symbolizing the strength and hope of the people of Ukraine.”  

The idea for the campaign was generated during a brainstorming meeting, where Harris Seeds’ Germination Lab Manager noted that sunflowers have become the unofficial flower of Ukraine. From there, the campaign materialized quickly and was officially launched on March 10. Since the release of the campaign, Harris Seeds has donated over $20,000 dollars in humanitarian aid. 

The campaign has since taken on new legs with the specialized Sunflowers for Ukraine packet available on the Harris Seeds app and website. The company will continue to run the campaign and donate 100% of the proceeds to Ukrainian humanitarian aid as long as the need persists.   

Sunflowers for Ukraine Packet

Gardeners or commercial growers who want to support relief efforts in Ukraine can purchase the Sunflowers for Ukraine packet.