Plug & Liner FAQ

What are plugs?
Plugs are young plants, usually grown from seed.

What are liners?
Liners are young plants, usually grown from cuttings or tissue culture.

How are plugs & liners used?
Plugs & liners are usually transplanted into packs, pots, or mixed containers for further growing on in a greenhouse. Larger plugs & liners may be transplanted
directly into the field for cut flower, vegetable, container, and landscape applications.

What is a standard Tray?
Standard trays measure 11 x 22”, but the cell size and number of cells per tray varies. The more cells in a tray, the smaller the plants.

What is a “Strip” Tray?
These narrow strip trays range from 1⁄3 to 1⁄2 of a standard tray. Smaller trays sizes allow you to grow a larger selection of product in the quantities you need.

What is a Supernova® Tray?
These bud-initiated liners are grown to flower faster, develop better branching, and flower consistently, providing a blooming salable plant in a 4-6" container in four to six weeks. No pinching is needed, and they require less growth regulators. Supernovas are only available from Four Star.

What does Harris Seeds do as a plug & liner broker?
We act as the liaison between you and our 5 plug & liner grower specialists. We provide you with customer service from ordering to delivery, assisting you directly with issues and claims. Additionally, we exclusively offer 90 day pre-approved payment terms for plug and liner orders!

What do the plug & liner grower specialists do?
Upon receiving your order, our partnered grower specialists produce the product to your specifications and once ready, ship directly to you.