Poinsettia Liner Program


Poinsettia Liners from Raker-Roberta's  

• Choose from over 100 varieties from the world's top Poinsettia breeding companies: DummenOrange & Selecta One.
• Find a wide selection of color choices, along with exotic and novelty varieties.
• Raker's Poinsettias are supplied as 25 cell strip trays, allowing you to grow a large selection of different colors or try out some varieties that are new to you. The 25 strip tray is a standard 36 strip tray with 11 cells in the middle row empty. This allows airflow and promotes lateral branching during propagation.
• Low minimums allow growers new to Poinsettia production to get started economically.
• Take advantage of volume and early order discounts (EOD). Orders placed by May 1, 2023 are eligible for an 11% discount (10% Raker Roberta’s plus 1% Harris Seeds exclusive EOD). Volume discounts may also apply.
• Enjoy our 90 days terms program for plug and liner orders! Download a credit application.

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To Order: Fill out the digital order forms and e-mail, FAX 877-892-9197 or mail the completed pages to us, along with your billing information OR call us at 800-544-7938 with your order.

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