Shop "Ready to Ship" Items

How to Shop Ready to Ship Items 

Avoid waiting for backorders by easily shopping items that are ready to ship on our website. These items are in stock and waiting to be shipped. Our fulfillment team will box and ship these items to you within 7-10 business days of order placement.

From any menu link (except links under the "Plants and Bulbs" heading), the "Availability: Ready to Ship" filter will be automatically applied. This filter will only show products that are in stock and available to ship within our standard shipping time.

How to Tell if a Product is Ready to Ship

Product pages (with the exception of plants and bulbs) will also show if the product is ready to ship or not. Ready to ship items will say so right beneath the price of the product. Products with multiple sizes will also say which sizes are ready to ship.

How to View Backordered and Out of Stock Items

If you'd like to view backordered or out of stock items as well, simply select "Availability: All" in the dropdown, which will show all products in your selected category.