Why Harris Seeds?

Why Harris Seeds?

Highest Germination Rates

Harris Seeds has a long history in providing growers and gardeners with the best quality vegetable seed and flower sees available. In fact, Harris Seeds was one of the first seed companies to actually label seed packages with germination information more than a century ago. Our experience in seed sourcing, testing & storage will give you a confident start for your growing success. To ensure the best quality, an onsite quality control laboratory is led by a Registered Seed Technologist. Seed lots are regularly tested for best germination to assure they meet quality standards you’ve come to expect from us.

Industry’s Best Credit Terms

We understand that the time of year you incur the most operating expense often doesn’t match your best cash flow cycle. That’s why we offer the best grower-friendly terms in the industry, created to fit your business needs. Plug & Liner customers can take advantage of our 90 day delayed payments while flower and vegetable seed purchases are not due until November 1st. Learn more by visiting our Credit Terms and Discount Programs.

Biggest Selection, Best Value

The industry’s highest value is achieved when we combine product from the world’s finest suppliers, a dedicated staff to meet your individual needs and our popular customer-friendly discounts. Our expansive selection of flower seeds, vegetable seeds, plants, plugs nd liners and growing supplies will fulfill the needs of beginning cut flower farms, rural roadside markets, urban garden centers, and even 5th generation vegetable farms. Harris Seeds’ team of experienced growers and knowledgeable product managers view and test products throughout the country to ensure they meet your high expectations. The team of in-house, and on-the-road Sales Representative are eager to assist you with your growing questions and needs. To increase the value of our relationship, we also provide generous cash and loyalty discounts. Learn more about our discounts, and be sure to watch for additional savings on seasonal promotions!

Quickest Order Turn Around

Order confidently online, or through our customer-friendly call center team and you can expect fast order fulfillment. All orders are generally shipped within 24 hours of receipt. Our customer-friendly website now notifies you of back orders, shipping confirmations, and showcases expedited shipping options, for those moments you need the product before the next rain hits.