Pea Little Marvel Seed Seeds

Pea Little Marvel Seed

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Seed / Treated / 5 Pounds 20 or more $20.68
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These prolific dwarf 18 to 20" vines offer dependable, early yields. Abundant 3" blunt-tipped pods are well filled with five to six plump berries of unusually fi ne sweetness and flavor when picked young. Little Marvel is early, develops its seeds quickly, and needs no trellis.

Growing Tips

Little Marvel Pea seeds are fun and easy to grow, and they allow gardeners to enjoy these delicious vegetables for themselves or sell as a customer favorite. To ensure your Little Marvel Dwarf Pea seeds are the most productive in your garden, soak them overnight before planting them in fertilized soil. For the best results, the pH of your soil with the fertilizer should be between 6.0 and 7.5 pH.?

Plant Little Marvel Pea seeds in the spring as soon as you can work the soil. After sowing, keep the seeds well-watered during germination and then water the plant sparingly. Be careful to use an appropriate amount of fertilizer during the growing process, as too much may harm the pea plants. Harvest Little Marvel Peas at the beginning of seed formation and enjoy these tender and sweet peas.
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