Pumpkin Howden Seeds

Pumpkin Howden

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Seed / Treated / 1 Pound 1 to 4 $31.20
Seed / Treated / 1 Pound 25 to 49 $25.79
Seed / Treated / 1 Pound 5 to 24 $28.70
Seed / Treated / 1 Pound 50 or more $25.48

Intermediate resistance to black rot, Howden is a beautiful big pumpkin that we highly recommend. It is a Connecticut Field type but is far superior. Its size is more uniform, averaging 20 to 25 lbs., and the deep-round fruit are quite symmetrical. Very solid with extra-thick flesh, it is much less apt to produce lopsided fruit. Its hard, ridged, richly colored skin keeps in prime condition for a remarkably long time. This variety was developed as a private stock by John Howden of Massachusetts and released exclusively to Harris years ago.

Average Weight: 20-25 pounds
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