Verbascum Southern Charm F1 Seeds

Verbascum Southern Charm F1

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Seed / Untreated Pelleted / 100 Seeds 1 to 4 $14.97
Seed / Untreated Pelleted / 100 Seeds 5 or more $14.32

Highly attractive flower spikes in shades of peach, rose and yellow, all with ‘bees’, are what set this Verbascum apart from others. A first year flowering perennial, the flowering time of the spikes is virtually doubled, since as the first floret dies, a second one right behind it begins blooming. Plants bloom in the spring, die back in the heat of the summer, and then re-bloom again in the fall. They are best sold in flower in 1-2 gallon containers.

Color: Shades of peach, rose and yellow
Verbascum Southern Charm F1 has a rating of 3.0 stars based on 2 reviews.