Onion Plant Collection - Long Day

Onion Plant Collection - Long Day

Consists of 10 bunches (500-600 transplants) each of the following varieties: Candy, Redwing and Super Star (1500-1800 transplants total).

Candy is an intermediate day onion that is a cross between a short-day and a long-day, making it great for production in all areas of the U.S. Candy is less pungent than typical northern grown onions and stores better than the typical southern grown varieties. The yellow globe shaped bulbs can reach up to 6" in diameter with light brown skin, short sturdy tops and tight necks. If bulbs are properly cured and stored in a cool, dry area, storage potential is 3 months. One of the most popular varieties for its versatility and ease of growing. 90-100 Days to harvest.

Redwing is a nice globe-shaped, deep red onion that produces large 3-4" bulbs when grown from our transplants. It has proven to be a widely adaptable variety and stores better (8-10 months) than other red onion varieties. A true Long-day variety that requires 15 hours of daylength to bulb. 110-120 days to harvest.

Super Star is a mid-day or day length neutral white onion, which means that it can be grown anywhere in North America. It's 20 days earlier to mature than other White Sweet Spanish types with no sacrifice in bulb size. The globe-shaped bulbs are attractive, have a mild, sweet flavor and retain their skins well. Super Star keeps well for a mild white onion, but like other whites, it’s not recommended for long-term storage. 95 Days to harvest.

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